Shipping is perhaps the most international of all the world’s greatest industries and one of the most challenging. Several countries from the mid 19th century felt the need for a permanent international body to promote maritime activities. But these hopes were not realized till the establishment of the united nation itself. Thereafter in 1948 an international conference in Geneva established IMO, which is regarded as the parent Organization in the area. The need for an institute in India to enlighten the members of the shipping industry was strongly felt and it was this need, which prompted a young lawyer to moot this idea. Like-minded persons from other fields connected with the shipping industry also joined hands with this lawyer on being conveyed with the idea. The result was a determined effort to form an institute regarding the ways to clear the hurdles faced by them as well as for the purpose of sorting out all issues related to maritime activities.

The first meeting of the Governing Council of the institute was convened at Cochin on April 4th of 2005 and the institute was chartered on 20th of July 2005 and the institute stood officially inaugurated on 15th October 2005.

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