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Shipping is perhaps the most international of all the world’s greatest industries and one of the most challenging. Several countries from the mid 19th century felt the need for a permanent international body to promote maritime activities. But these hopes were not realized till the establishment of the united nation itself. Thereafter in 1948 an international conference in Geneva established IMO, which is regarded as the parent Organization in the area.
To create, promote, develop and propagate awareness of various laws, rules and regulations related to maritime activities
To advise and assist the parties in resolving their disputes/grievances encountered by them in their normal course of business in shipping and other related activities.
To enlighten the parties on various issues likely to be faced by them in the matter of handling, forwarding and clearing of Freight, Cargo and containers from the concerned port and to assist them, if needed, in sorting out such issues.
To establish centers or chapters in different parts of India to promote the object of this institute and to give administrative assistance and infrastructure for the same.
To conduct seminars, workshops, and training program on Maritime Law and other laws relating to maritime activities.
To enter into agreements with different organizations for setting up of centers or chapters or with international institutions for affiliations, Co. operations and/or accreditations

Indian Institute of Maritime Law (IIML) & Indian Maritime Arbitration Association (IMAA) jointly conduct a half day seminar on “ Maritime Arbitration in India” by Mr. Jeffery Blum ( London) and on “The Law of the Sea and Italian Shoot out” by Capt. Rohit Bhatia ( Delhi) Date : 02-06-2012 (Saturday)
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