The Main Objects to be Pursued by the Society on its Formation are:
1. To create, promote, develop and propagate awareness of various laws, rules and regulations related to maritime activities.

2. To advise and assist the parties in resolving their disputes/grievances encountered by them in their normal course of business in shipping and other related activities.

3. To enlighten the parties on various issues likely to be faced by them in the matter of handling, forwarding and clearing of Freight, Cargo and containers from the concerned port and to assist them, if needed, in sorting out such issues.

4. To provide support and administrative services for shipping companies registered outside India and to resolve the disputes/issues faced by them with any ports or authorities in India.

5. To give advice on the variety of options/procedure for resolving disputes and to assist parties to choose the best available mode for their particular dispute and to conduct mediation and conciliation in Maritime related issues.

6. To establish centers or chapters in different parts of India to promote the object of this institute and to give administrative assistance and infrastructure for the same.

7. To conduct seminars, workshops, and training programmes on Maritime Law and other laws relating to maritime activities.

8. To enter into agreements with various organizations for setting up of centers or chapters or with international institutions for affiliations, Co. operations and/or accreditations.

9. To publish books, journals and periodicals on Maritime Law and other laws relating to shipping industry.

10. To undertake all or any of the above objects, either directly by the institute or through any other institutions engaged in any of the above objects.

11. To act in collaboration with, enter into agreement, integrate activities or co-operate in efforts of individuals, institutions or organizations whether Indian or Foreign for the furtherance of the objects of the institute.

12. To take over, amalgamate or enter into arrangements with other associations or organizations having objects similar to the institute.

13. To borrow money on such terms and conditions from bankers, financial institutions or others as the Board shall deem necessary or expedient for achieving the objects of the institute.

14. To impart education, by conducting courses and trainings in the area of Maritime studies and award degrees or diplomas as the council of the institute may decide from time to time.

There shall be three classes of members.

Corporate members shall mean and include any firm, company, organization, corporation and any body corporate who pays a sum of Rs. 25,000/- to the institute towards corpus fund and pays an amount of Rs. 1000/- towards annual subscription fee. Corporate members will have the right to nominate three representatives to the institute for the active involvement and affairs of the institute; but each corporate member shall exercise only one vote in any meeting. Corporate members can elect three members who are individuals to the governing council from among themselves.

(a) Honorary Members or Patrons:
Honorary Members or Patrons shall mean and include institutions, individuals, who have rendered outstanding service to the Maritime Industry and also those holding official position who would be able to contribute substantially to the achievement of the object of the institute.

(b) Founder Members :
Founder members shall mean and include any person who took an active part in promoting and establishing the institute and who pays a sum of Rs.15,000/- to the corpus of the institute. The founder members can nominate six members from among themselves to the governing council.

(c) Ordinary Members.
Ordinary Members shall mean and include any person who is not a minor and who is accepted by the Governing Counsel as an Ordinary Member and who pays a sum of Rs. 5000/- to the corpus of the institute and yearly subscription. of Rs. 1500/-. The application for membership of the institute shall be made in writing together with the membership fees and deposited with the Governing Council who shall at their absolute discretion decide with simple majority whether such applicant is to be made a member of the institute or not and if such application is rejected the said application money shall be refunded within a period of 30 days of such refusal without any interest. The Governing Counsel need not assign any reason in writing for such rejection. The ordinary members can elect two members to the governing council from among themselves.


The membership of a person in the Institute shall stand terminated on any of the following grounds:

  • Death
  • Resignation
  • Misconduct
  • Disability envisaged under the Indian Contract Act, 1872.
The management of the institute shall be vested in a Governing Council which shall consist of a Chairman,Vice-chairman, Secretary General, Treasurer and a minimum of 6 other members, elected by the members as mentioned above at the Annual General Meeting. The number of members of the Governing Council shall be eleven.

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